In 1990 ‘John Cochrane Commercial Furniture’ was created to provide quality furniture for the commercial market but also more importantly to offer a high level of customer service not always seen in the industry.

Prior to this, John spent 15 years in the furniture manufacturing industry, hence his wealth of knowledge across the board in all areas of furniture production. He has built a close relationship with local craftsmen, where his continued hands on approach has ensured bespoke items are created to a top standard. This means he doesn’t just know what works with construction, design and placement of furniture. He also understands the many processes involved with the sourcing and consultation stages of every project and the importance of working efficiently in a deadline-driven industry.

In more recent years, the company has noticed a continued need for well designed functional furniture for the residential market. In 2012, the ‘commercial’ label was dropped and ‘John Cochrane’ was launched, extending an arm into the homes (not just the cafes and restaurants) we love and live in.
Our showroom is situated in the heart of Sydenham, & displays furniture samples for both commercial and residential use.

2010 and beyond has been challenging for everyone in the Canterbury area. John and his wife Annmaree have always offered their support and unmeasured time to their customers with the same care, understanding and strong resolve which has got them through the quakes.

Anyone who knows John is likely to agree that the humour and positive aptitude of the man is a testament to his business and the level of service he has created and continues to offer.