We love great looking, well designed furniture but it must also be of excellent quality.

Despite the huge collection on offer from both far and wide, John Cochrane has a strong commitment to supporting NZ designed and made furniture and emerging talent. With a burgeoning pool of expertise in the manufacturing industry in NZ, we are proud to use only the best and most talented craftsmen available, and it just so happens that many of them reside in the Canterbury region.

So, what good does buying locally do?
You get a quality product.
For us, it means a lot to be able to stay in contact with our manufacturers throughout the production phase. It allows a greater sense of quality control and makes it easier to communicate throughout as changes inevitably occur along the way. Not only this, but we really appreciate and value the relationships we have with our metal fabricators, furniture makers and upholsterers.

It stimulates the local economy.
And helps locals keep their jobs. With respect to those who have lost not only homes but livelihoods since the earthquakes in Christchurch, we believe in supporting them now more than ever. Most people who work in local businesses live locally. By buying from these, you help your neighbours keep their jobs and this benefits your whole community.

Its good for the environment and your back pocket.
There are less travelling kilometres involved to deliver a product from a local source, therefore less auto emissions. The great thing too, is that it greatly reduces the risk of damage in transit and the cost that’s involved.

We are always looking for aspiring kiwi designers. If you have a great product you can put into production or would just like some advice on how to get into the market, then give us a call. We’d love to provide any advice we can in order to get you into the industry we feel passionately about.